Orders and Deliveries

Can I change or cancel my order after it is placed?

We will always do our best to change or cancel orders prior to shipping. If you want to change or cancel your order, please email our support team with the details as soon as possible at sales@journeyofficial.com

How can I track my order?

After placing the order, you will receive a conformation email with all the required tracking details. Should you not receive the email please contact us on sales@journeyofficial.com

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Master card, Visa and PayPal.
* Please note that payment modes are subject to change and will be updated on the site from time to time

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to Europe, Australia and America. We will soon be starting operations in Asia.

The product I want is out of stock, what can I do?

If you like a product that is out of stock on our website, please email us at sales@journeyofficial.com with the product details and we will be more than happy to help you out.


Received a faulty/wrong product, what do I do?

Email us at sales@journeyofficial.com within 24hr of receiving the product and we will send you a replacement if it is in stock or find the best possible solution.

What is your return policy?

If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, the product can be returned within 30 days after receipt.

Please note that return freight is to be borne by the customer and refund will not include freight cost.

Allow us up to 3 weeks to get your issue resolved (return/exchanges/store credit).

How can I return/exchange my order?

To change the product with a different item, we ask you to return your product and place a new order on journeyofficial.com with the item(s) you wish to change to. To initiate return please email us at sales@journeyofficial.com within 30 days after receipt of your order. Once the goods are returned to us, we will give you a full refund for the goods.

Please note, associated shipping costs or fees are non-refundable.

iPhone Cases

How do I clean and care for the leather of my Journey Product?

The hydrophobic Leather has a smooth finish that requires negligible cleaning. If the case gets dirty, just wipe it with a soft fabric. The leather is naturally water-repellent and has no surface coatings that can wear off, yet we do not suggest using any chemical cleaners or solutions as they may change the leather’s appearance, texture and water repelling quality.

Is the iPhone case MagSafe compatible?

Yes, this product has an inbuilt MagSafe compatible magnetic ring which works seamlessly with MagSafe charger and accessories.

What is Heinen Leather and how is it sustainable?

Heinen produces leather from slaughterhouses, they utilize surplus material in other products and have a sophisticated water recycling unit ensuring full control over their emissions. The leather is manufactured under the TerraCare® standard which means you can be sure that the leather is manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way in terms of animal welfare and working conditions.

Will my case develop a patina?

The natural hydrophobic leather is scuff and scratch resistant. The product is designed for active application and will develop a slight patina over time, letting you enjoy a smooth finish for much longer.


Is the iPhone case scratch resistant and waterproof?

Yes, the case is water resistant as it is made with hydrophobic leather. This leather gets this distinctive quality through a unique tanning process that uses natural lipids and fats which do not wear out over time unlike topical leather sprays.

Where are Journey products made?

JOURNEY products are truly global: Designed in Australia with leather sourced from Germany, Australia & Italy, finally manufactured in China.

Apple Watch Band

How can I install my watch band?

Follow the steps below to install the watch band:

  • Place your watch face down on a soft lint free surface to avoid any scratches
  • At the bottom of the watch, find band release buttons and hold down to remove your current band/strap
  • Align the JOURNEY band with the connector of the watch and carefully slide the band in

Once you hear a click know that your band is properly attached and you’re good to go!

Can I alter the size of my strap?

The band cannot be altered in size but is created as per Apple standards and the fits all the Apple watch series (1-6 & SE) with a dial size of 42-44mm.

Is the watch band water-resistant?

Yes, the watch band is designed for active application and is completely water-resistant.

AirPod Cases

Is the AirPod Case compatible with wireless charging?

Yes, our AirPod cases are fully compatible with wireless (Qi) charging.

Is the AirPod Case splash proof?

Yes, the AirPod cases are made with hydrophobic Heinen leather providing you full protection on the go.


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